MakeIT4Change® is the collaborative work of Charita M. Johnson and Joycelyn Tate. MakeIT4Change®aims to empower individuals with the skills necessary to develop technology solutions to address social and community change. Both Charita and Joycelyn have dedicated a significant portion of their life’s work to increasing the use of technology to strengthen and empower our nation.  Through their work with MakeIT4Change®, they are bringing together both community service and technology leaders throughout the nation to empower and engage individuals to Make IT for Change. 

Charita M. Johnson


Joycelyn Tate


Charita M. Johnson has dedicated her life to service and the expansion of technology, especially in rural and un-served areas.  She is known to be a staunch advocate for and practitioner of expanding technology to rural America. For more than 20 years, she has developed technology access and literacy programs for youth, adults and the disability community in various communities and international provinces. Through these programs, her goal has been to go beyond just teaching people to become proficient users and consumers of technology, but to also become innovators of online content and technology innovation for social change.

In her technology literacy and education programs, Charita encourages people to use technology as a means of social innovation, entrepreneurship and career advancement. She has developed training programs for youth and adults with learning disabilities that have enabled them to take advantage of career opportunities in the technology industry. Charita has also............

Joycelyn Tate is a technology and telecommunications policy advocate and strategist. She advocates for technology and telecommunications policy reform and corporate best practices that advance diversity and inclusion in technology employment and entrepreneurship, and affordable technology access in underserved communities. She is the senior technology policy advisor for the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and the Black Women’s Roundtable. Joycelyn is a contributing author to the Black Women’s Roundtable annual report where she has authored Black Women in the High-Tech Industry: Employment and Entrepreneurship (2016) and Black Women and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) (2014). In addition to her advocacy work, Joycelyn organizes mobile app hackathons and workshops in the Washington DC area and conducts seminars for small business owners on effective ways to use social media to promote their businesses. Joycelyn also hosts Telecom Talk on The FLOW Radio where she discusses consumer technology and telecommunications issues.


About the 

Do see a problem in your community that could be addressed with technology?

Are you curious about how to create mobile and web-based apps?

Are you a developer with awesome skills, who is excited to volunteer to help teams build mobile and web-based innovations and apps?

If so, we want to see you in action!

The MakeIT4Change® Innovation Hubs are the place for you to innovate. The MakeIT4Change® Innovation Hubs are an exciting event that provides a creative space to ignite fresh ideas about addressing the issues in your community with the use of technology. The Innovation Hubs are inter-generational and are open to youth, ages 13 and up, and adults of all ages.

The MakeIT4Change® Innovation Hubs offer you an opportunity to work in teams with other community members to come up with creative technology solutions to address issues in your community and the world.  No previous experience in tech is needed to participate. Tech assistance will be available to help teams create their innovative technology.


Components of the

MakeIT4Change® Innovation Hub


At each Innovation Hub event, MakeIT4Change® will engage local government, community service organizations and community leaders to assist in identifying issues of concern within their community.  During the event, participants will have an opportunity to create and develop web-based and mobile apps that address those local and national community service needs. 

MakeIT4Change® supplies: Quick presentations on issues in your community and how to create mobile and web-based apps to address them; lunch and snacks to keep you going; and tech assistance to help your team build am innovative mobile or web-based app.

You bring: Your laptop computer (with charger) and ideas. Come with a collaborative, team-focused mindset. 

Don’t have a laptop computer? Not a problem--bring your awesome skills and ideas to share with the team. You can bring your individual ideas or team up in advance on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #makeit4change.

MakeIT4Change®App Competition
MakeIT4Change®App Competition

Innovation Hub Pitches:

The pitches will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • 25% - RELEVANCE - Clear Identification of the Community Issue/Problem;

  • 25% - INNOVATIVENESS of the Solution Identified;

  • 25% - EFFECTIVENESS of the app usage and design; and

  • 25% - Overall PRESENTATION of the pitch.


There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards given.  The winners will be determined by the MakeIT4Change® Judges.

Whether you have app development skills or are interested in solving problems in your community,

the MakeIT4Change® Innovation Hub is the place for you. Every team needs a good balance of talent

--so all skills are needed and welcomed.

There is no better time for women to work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers than now. Workforce projections for 2018 show that STEM jobs are expected to grow by 17% from 2008 to 2018, while non-STEM jobs are expected to grow by 9.8%. Th...

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Empower - Enlighten

Create - Educate

MakeIT4Change® is dedicated to empowering communities to create innovative ideas to address community service needs with the use of technology.  MakeIT4Change® promotes the use of technology for community service by offering workshops, events, and mobile/web-based app competitions that:

  • Increase public awareness of issues impacting local and national             communities;

  • Educate communities on effective problem-solving and                             community action skills using technology as a tool to                       promote social innovation and entrepreneurship; and

  • Empower targeted groups (youth, adults, women and girls) with              the knowledge-base to create technology solutions to                       address community needs.

ABOUT MakeIT4Change®

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MakeIT4Change® is grateful for the magnificent corporate and community partners that we have that are assisting us in creating monumental social change through technology for communities across the nation.  Our  MakeIT4Change® partners have seized the opportunity to partner with us to empower diverse communities of both youth and adults to develop innovative technology solutions to solve real-world problems for social good.


If you are interested in being part of making a dynamic impact in communities through the integration of technology and social entrepreneurship, please CONTACT US.



We can’t wait to see you at our next event.


MakeIT4Change® are workshop and competition events to inspire fresh ideas on utilizing technology to assist in finding solutions to some of the nation’s biggest community service needs, such as Violence, Health & Wellness, Education, Food & Nutrition, etc.

At the MakeIT4Change® events, individuals and teams will get to participate in interactive sessions from solution planning to tech development.  Those individuals in

attendance will also have the added opportunity to enter the MakeIT4Change® Competition and win prizes.  

MakeIT4Change® Innovation Hub - TECH FOR SOCIAL CHANGE in Memphis, TN

April 2018

We are excited about April 2018 Memphis event, which will be part of remembering the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination through the encouraging and development of Innovation Tech Apps that empower Social Change.  We look forward to seeing each of you there, so that together we can MAKEIT4Change.  

Come enjoy, learn, win prizes, and help your communities!!!

REGISTER NOW! Spaces are limited.

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Your Laptop & Charger


Your Laptop & Charger


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